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What is it costing you to have clogged gutters?

It feels like you just had your gutters cleaned yesterday. Yet, they’re clogged. Again. Instead of your gutters flowing water away from your home, they’re acting like a dam, storing up water to slowly creep into your roof and become a breeding ground for pests.

Suppose you had an inexpensive tool that would keep your gutters flowing no matter what?

How the Gutter Stick keeps your gutters flowing

Patent-pending design

Closeup of the patent-pending design of the Gutter Stick.

The Gutter Stick is specifically engineered for keeping water flowing through gutters, regardless of what nature throws at it.

Optimized perforation

Closeup of the patent-pending design of the Gutter Stick.

Unlike flimsy strainers, the Gutter Stick has uniquely optimized perforation, so even in gutters clogged to the top with leaves and debris, water can continue to go through the downspout.

Custom fit for downspouts

Closeup of the patent-pending design of the Gutter Stick.

The patent-pending Gutter Stick is designed with a special, adjustable plate that effectively secures the Gutter Stick in place. 

What makes the Gutter Stick different?

The Ultimate Downspout Clog Prevention Plan



Count your gutter’s downspouts.



Buy a Gutter Stick for each downspout.



Install a Gutter Stick at each downspout, either by yourself or a Certified Dealer.

The World's Best Rain gutter DownSpout Clog Preventer

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