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Make Your Customers Happy

Learn how upselling the Gutter Stick can turn your gutter cleaning customers into great fans.

What is it costing you to have dissatisfied gutter cleaning customers?

Have you ever cleaned a beloved customer’s gutters, only to get a call a month later that they’re clogged again. That big tree in the front yard decided to drop a ton on new of leaves, and now you have to drop everything to clear your customer’s gutters again. These return trips cost you money.

They also cost you confidence. In your customer’s mind, they may question the quality of your work when downspouts clog up again so soon. In your own mind, you may be having doubts about whether you have what it takes to be a professional.

Suppose you had an inexpensive tool that would keep those gutters flowing, boost your confidence, and make your customers think you’re the best gutter cleaner on the planet?

How the Gutter Stick really does keep your gutters flowing

Patent-pending design

Photo of Gutter Stick, engineered to prevent gutter clogging.

The Gutter Stick is  designed by aeronautical engineers, having 132 holes and 100 square inches of surface area to keep water flowing through gutters, regardless of what nature throws at it.

Optimized perforation

Closeup photo of Gutter Stick, engineered to prevent gutter clogging.

Unlike flimsy strainers, the Gutter Stick has uniquely optimized perforation, so even in gutters clogged to the top with leaves and debris, water can continue to go through the downspout.

Custom fit for downspouts

Photo of Gutter Stick, engineered to prevent downspout clogging.

The patent-pending Gutter Stick is designed with a special, adjustable plate that effectively secures the Gutter Stick in place. Easy to customize and a breeze to install.




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Upsell the Gutter Stick at every gutter cleaning service, showing your customer how it works and why it’s a great deal. 

What makes the Gutter Stick different?

The Gutter Stick is specifically engineered to keep water flowing from your gutters, to your downspouts and away from your house. It uses advanced optimized perforation, which allows it to easily transport water even when 95% of the gutter is completely clogged.

It’s no substitute for seasonal gutter cleaning, but the Gutter Stick is more effective that traditional downspout strainers which can clog up right away. 

Testimonials From Service Professionals

"Added to our credibility and profitability"

“We were able to sell over 1,000 Gutter Sticks last winter. My customers were excited to hear about a new product that actually works. Adding the Gutter Stick to our service offerings was a smart business move that truly added to our credibility and profitability.”

— Kelly Salas, Owner of Sierra Vista Maintenance and Certified Gutter Stick Dealer

Kelly Salas

Kelly Salas

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